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And no two people are exactly alike. We have worked with a diverse group of professionals from the corporate world to Medical Device Manufacturing to non-profits. Changing systems within an organization requires the buy-in of all stakeholders. We are uniquely prepared to provide custom solutions for hard problems.

Are you a project leader frustrated by missed deadlines and low team morale? 

As you a visionary with a great business/product idea, but unsure how to execute it successfully?

Are you a professional who is always "too busy" working in your business instead of on your business? Do you make the same mistakes over and over again?

Are you a forward thinking creator who knows you're meant for more? Confident you could thrive if only you had the right mentorship?

Does Your Work Environment

make you smarter?

Your business environment is either supporting a smarter, faster, engaged workforce, or it is draining the life out of the room. If you want to keep the best talent, use your resources efficiently, and achieve your objectives, analyzing how you are working is one of the best investments you can make.  Process decisions may seem small at first, but over time they develop into systems that dictate the life of your business. Are you or your organization struggling with any of the following?

  • It has been hard to adjust to the "new normal" after COVID-19 
  • People lose time, are frustrated, and are not on the same page
  • It has been years since you've considered the way you do things
  • You are missing deadlines and customer confidence in you is lacking
  • Your team has low morale even though everyone is working hard
  • You are "spinning your wheels" and not achieving your big vision
  • You are making the same mistake twice (or multiple times)


Business Process frustrations aside, we work with some of the most impressive individuals and organizations in the world. A broken process is to a committed professional what a shattered piece of glass is to an artist - raw material for creation and growth. 

Even when you are wildly successful, your organization will experience growing pains. How you do something is intimately related to why you are doing it. As your business changes, so will your processes. Fusion Success Group is focused on guiding you through these changes so that your organization, your leaders, and your whole team can thrive. 

leave your PROBLEMS to our trusted experts

Our business acumen, on-the-ground experience, and comprehensive knowledge of best practices position us as the right people to help you and your organization thrive. We have curated a unique blend of proven tools and strategies you need to succeed and achieve your goals.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Most failures can be traced back to unexamined processes. We use a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation in your organization's processes.

Certified PMP Project Manager

Breakthrough performance depends on the execution of a robust plan. To improve the success rate of our projects, we use a standardized and evolving set of project management principles.

Certified Executive and TEAM Coach

The most successful people in the world use coaching to level up. We use a transparent and structured process  created by the world's #1 leadership thinker that guarantees measurable behavioral change.




Our first step is to listen to understand your goals and your pain points. Then we assess your current situation to identify opportunities. 


We will design a customized road map for success. This map of the future will give you an easy, step-by-step plan that aligns with your goals.  


Once we collectively agree on a plan, and stakeholders are ready to begin, we will work with your organization to execute the plan.


We equip you and your organization with the tools and systems you need to sustain changes over time.


This is (literally) the million dollar question. We have spent decades honing the process that uncovers your potential. In this line of work, questions are infinitely more important than solutions. Working with someone experienced enough, curious enough, and determined enough to ask the right questions at the right time is an essential lever for your success.


If you are a passionate, results oriented, change agent, we might be the perfect fit to work together. Our results are the most potent when collaborating with a leader committed to reaching greater levels of performance. 




Rene Dominguez

I want to congratulate and herald the tremendous work Monica Hayes developed for us at VelocityTX. In business, you contract with consultants based on a specific scope to fulfill a critical need, and that was our situation. Monica met with our team, developed a scope based on our vision. We didn’t have the clearest concept of what we needed, but she patiently and professionally guided us through options and ideas. At the end of our engagement – we were not only happy with the product she created but point to her work as a pivotal game changer in our business model that generated growth. She executed perfectly and most important professionally. We would use Monica going forward…. and intend to!

Rene Dominguez , President / COO at Texas Research and Technology Foundation (TRTF)

David Wilson

Monica Hayes began working with us at Health by Design (HBD) in 2020 at a critical inflection point in our company's growth. She led HBD through several significant process engineering efforts yielding changes that enabled more efficient, higher quality services. Changes our patients noticed and appreciated. Beyond her outstanding technical abilities, Monica demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, organized work, gained the respect of our HBD team members, and rallied teamwork to deliver projects on time and on budget. Monica's business acumen is exceptional. She made the effort to understand the unique HBD business model and added many of her own good ideas to help us achieve success. Monica is a five out of five stars professional!

David Wilson , COO CrowdHealth, Inc. & Founder of High Order Group, LLC

Barbara Ward

I first meet Monica several years ago when I attended an excellent presentation she was giving to a group of quality professionals on “Key Essential for Medical Device Manufacturing: What you need to know in 2020”. I was impressed by her passion and knowledge of the subject and her ability to communicate effectively to personnel with varying levels of experience on a very complex subject. I later had the opportunity to invite Monica to join me on a TMAC project in the DFW Metroplex to upgrade the quality management system of a local client. Monica was a great asset to the project, leading and supporting upgrades in procedures and processes for the clients' CAPA, RMA, and complaint handling processes and provided critical support for the company’s readiness for an FDA inspection. Monica has also been a great resource for references to other professionals that have aided us at TMAC from a regulatory standpoint. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Barbara Ward , Technical and Business Management Advisor at Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center / UT Arlington

Bill Rafferty

I first met Monica when she was with Coastal Life Technologies and pursuing her ME master’s degree with a concentration in Lean Enterprise Systems. She was eager to learn and correctly apply all aspects of continuous improvement strategies. I then cheered as she successfully rose through the ranks of her organization. Then later in her career, when she transitioned into a consulting role, I quickly asked her to support TMAC. Specifically, she helped found the Medical Manufacturers Association of South Central Texas. This was at the height of the shortage of PPE and her efforts and connections helped fulfil many critical needs at that time. I highly recommend Monica due to her professional leadership, process knowledge and just being a great collaborator.

Bill Rafferty , Manager, Process Improvement Engineering / Regional Director of the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

David Huff

Monica was the genesis of the engineering department at Coastal Life Technologies. Her top strengths are in communication, strategic planning, program management, value stream analysis, and continuous improvement. During her early tenure she proved adept at taking on multiple projects requiring varying disciplines and bringing them to successful completion, on time and on budget. As the company grew, so did her engineering department and her own skills. She led the continuous improvement projects through value stream mapping and her lean skills, and was instrumental in successfully helping our company grow through her excellent project and program management. I have enjoyed watching her personal and professional development over the years. Her integrity is beyond reproach. I highly recommend her for business and project planning needs.

David Huff , Former Co-Owner and COO of Coastal Life Technologies, General Manager at MedPlast/Viant

HungDa Wan, PhD

I have known Monica for over a decade, dating back to her graduate school career at UTSA's advanced manufacturing and enterprise engineering program, where she shined as one of our best students. Since then, she has become an influential leader and continuous improvement practitioner throughout the community. Through her leadership and networking abilities Monica has helped develop and retain local technical talent coming out of UTSA's engineering programs. Over the years she has extended several internship and full time opportunities to our students, many of whom now have thriving careers as engineers and leaders. Monica also helps lead and improve our Continuous Improvement Professionals program. I highly recommend Monica as a consultant for continuous improvement, project management and coaching, and look forward to collaborating with her the future.

HungDa Wan , Associate Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dave Mulera

Monica is a great leader and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her without reservation. She led a large engineering team within our company that was known for their ability to get complex projects completed on time and under budget. Her skills in process improvement, project management along with her abilities to lead, mentor and coach in these areas would benefit any organization.

Dave Mulera , Corporate VP of Engineering at Viant Medical

Robert Rudko

I have worked with Monica for five years and found her to be an extremely competent manager and engineer. She worked with us to bring our product from an idea to a commercially viable medical product. She managed a group of engineers of different disciplines to get the project done in a timely fashion. She also understood what it takes to get a new product through the FDA regulatory process.

Robert Rudko , Senior VP and Chief Scientist at Laser Engineering

Daniel Wadsworth

I worked closely with Monica as we transitioned our product sourcing and manufacturing. She possess a rare combination of extremely proficient complex project management skill in context with the bigger picture. Her attention to detail and untiring work ethic raises both the quality and effort from everyone. It was clear that Monica is a natural leader and I would highly recommend her for high level strategic management responsibility, without hesitation.

Daniel Wadsworth , Medical Technology Advisor | Former Co-Founder, COO of Metric Medical Devices, Inc.

Dick Simmons

I have worked closely with Monica on a variety of new and existing products/packages for many years. I have really appreciated how she grabs the issue, leads the way and stays on point until her team has it nailed. I can always rely on her if a questions arises. Willing to help all. She is able to gather the resources to compliment her strong knowledge of the industry. From simple ideas to final validation efforts, Monica is one professional that is a pleasure to work with.

Dick Simmons , Business Development at Tek Pak, Inc. | Former: Medical Business Manager at Nelipak

Tom Nonnemaker, PMP

I worked with Monica for several years as we launched a series of new products for our company. Monica was my point person for just about everything (quotes, engineering, manufacturing, quality, schedules), and she managed the entire process seamlessly and with finesse. As a person, Monica is, first and foremost, of the highest integrity and she is dedicated to excellence. Other adjectives I would use to describe her are: professional, reliable, detailed, thorough, and knowledgeable. In terms of business relationships, technical expertise, and leadership ability, as well as people you look forward to working with, and can count on, I would put Monica in the "Top 1%'ers" !!

Tom Nonnemaker , Program Manager at Philips | Former: Program Manager at KCI & Teleflex, Inc.

Scott Werstler

I have worked with Monica for over 7 years and she is very approachable and very helpful. She shows great leadership and is technically very sound. Monica does an excellent job in communicating and has helped us a variety of times with advice on validations, control plans, value stream mapping and other activities necessary for a successful product launch.

Scott Werstler , President at Red Star Contract Manufacturing

Chris Morgera

After many years with the same company that had a positive impact on my career development, a merger caused a reorganization of the leadership team. I felt my impact to the future of the company diminish over the next 18 months and my career path became nonexistent so I reached out to Monica for some advice. After a phone conversation and a follow up in person meeting in which she asked me questions specific to my situation, I determined that I needed a new challenge and a fresh start. It was the best decision and I strongly recommend Monica for coaching and leadership guidance!

Chris Morgera , Director of Engineering at Hope Valley Industries | Former Design Manager at Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

F. Frank Chen, PhD

Monica is a fantastic communicator and a leader in her field of expertise. I have witnessed her professional growth after she finished graduate studies, and her dynamic and energetic nature will help her pursue whatever career she chooses to.

F. Frank Chen , Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair in Manufacturing at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Sam Yankelevitch

When you speak with Monica you'll realize you're talking with a professional with years of hands-on experience in driving continuous improvement. Monica has a passion for helping others and has a special way to motivate people on teams to want to" do things, versus "have to" do things. She has the dedication, determination and the discipline it takes to identify the real problem, explore countermeasures and effectively carry out correctives - toward sustainable solutions. With Monica's expertise from real life, complex situations, she is a sure bet to help you and your team move the needle in the right direction.

Sam Yankelevitch , Sundyne Project Leader | Author | President of Xpress Lingo Solutions | Member Advisory Board, Operational Excellence Society | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

John Knotts

I have known Monica now for close to a year. We met at a presentation I gave regarding implementing Lean at our horse farm. Later that month, she came out to visit the farm and see the results. Over the last year, we have become strong collaborators on many things. Monica openly shares knowledge and is a strong connector in the San Antonio area and via LinkedIn. She’s dedicated and persistent in everything she does. In business, Monica has a strong executive presence and brings a wealth of knowledge. As a consultant, she brings a thirst for the new and innovative to every activity. I am proud to know Monica and to continue our connection and collaboration into the future.

John Knotts , Owner, Cross Cutter Enterprises | Co-Owner, Fine Print Farms | Forbes Coach

Barry Siroka

I've known Monica for some time and find she has a keen ability to hone in on a problem and implement innovative solutions. She is an extremely collaborative team builder, incorporating all points of view while remaining respectful of others. Monica is humble, introspective, and self-aware, always looking for improvement in herself and those that she leads. As part of her exemplary leadership style, she is dedicated to fostering growth in each individual and helping people become more effective. She is a creative writer who imparts an inspirational life outlook so as to help others whenever possible.

Barry Siroka , Business Development Manager at Epoxyset, Inc.

Brad White

I had the fortunate experience of teaming with Monica on a project. She performed flawlessly, always turning around her work ahead of schedule while maintaining high quality. In addition to doing great work quickly Monica was a lot of fun to work with and I would highly recommend her for future projects.

Brad White , Owner at White Tip Construction, LLC

Teresa Evans, PhD

Monica has the rare combination of advanced technical and analytical ability, expert leadership, and communication skills that position her to excel. She strives for excellence in all she does as a proactive and results driven professional. She has a deep commitment to the mission of her organization and her incredible attention to detail and out of the box thinking make her a key member of any team. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Monica to develop tailored programming that has launched her team into the next level of performance. I am deeply impressed by her ability to coach her cross-functional team as well as identify the needs of of her organization in a way that has resulted in maximum productivity and success. It is Monica’s ability to build positive relationships that allows her to guide those around her to reach their highest potential. It is this ability that I most greatly value in Monica, as her efforts and support have challenged me to reach higher levels within my own craft. It is clear that Monica will bring a one-of-a-kind approach to identifying opportunities for growth in both efficiency and profitability within any organization.

Teresa Evans, PhD , COO, Trauma Insight | Assistant Professor, UT Health SA | Principal, Teresa Evans PhD LLC

Edgar Benavente, PMP

I’ve had the opportunity to be part of Monica’s team for several years. Her leadership and ability to put together hi-performance teams is unparalleled. She excels in bringing out the best in us through mentorship and challenges that enable individuals to grow professionally. Her expertise in Program Management, Operational Excellence as well as Engineering are a perfect blend to support organizational success.

Edgar Benavente, PMP , Project Manager at Rochal Industries | Former Corporate Program Manager at Viant Medical

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