Big Business Impact

Global medical device pioneer taps Fusion for expertise. Working first with one division, we are asked to expand scope to other divisions, other projects, and ongoing support.

WITHIN a niche initiative, Fusion becomes a mainstream resource within a global firm.


105 Employees or 105,000 employees. Everyone bumps into system breakages, disconnects, tribal knowledge and the ongoing challenges for innovation. As good as systems and cultures are, that 0.001 exception, can create havoc when it hits. And how do we take the people with us on the next “change management journey”?  When it feels like we are in overload. Outside expertise and resources focused entirely on a strategic solution can be a welcome addition amidst the firefight!


Withing a specific division, Fusion’s capabilities for classic Lean/Process Improvement were first leveraged on a single initiative. From that base, additional projects popped up in multiple directions. KPI’s, process mapping, formal and informal leadership coaching, training compliance, LMS alignment and completion rates, assisting with revenue analytics, presentations to senior leaders – the full enterprise was, and is, involved in multiple projects where Fusion has added value.


Fusion has been involved from senior leader level down to front-line employees on multiple transitions. Fusion is still integrated to this day helping with process improvement and change management techniques on multiple projects.



If you are a passionate, results-oriented change agent, we might be the perfect fit to work together. Our results are the most potent when collaborating with leaders committed to reaching greater levels of performance.